Sunday, April 13, 2014

All Good Things, All Good Things

1. Three loooooooooong long super long months later, I am a dozen donuts fuller and finished with my student teaching. I was beyond ready to be finished, and super relieved that the end had arrived... but still, it ended up being quite bittersweet. My kids were sweet and I got a lot of hugs (and a couple of handshakes), and some pretty epic cards. My name's CH and I like warm hugs.

2. WB turned 25 (!!) and we spent a weekend in the mountains. It was weird because the weather kind of went insane, and it snowed on his birthday, but it was still nice to get away with him. Some people are worth melting for.

3. I took both of my PRAXIS tests, and I passed them. Like, really, really, REALLY passed them. Silly worries.

4. I celebrated the one year anniversary of my hip surgery (it has been a year already?!) with a 6-mile run (followed by donuts). I'm training for a 10-miler on April 26, and debating signing up for a half marathon in mid-May that would fit in nicely with my preexisting training schedule for the 10 miler.

5. I also celebrated Free Cone Day, my favorite day of the year. It was infinitely better this year, physically-speaking, since I was not on crutches and didn't get ice cream on my hair. Unfortunately, they ran out of cones before I got into the store. WHAT?! How do you run out of cones on free cone day?! I know, I thought the same thing.

6. My master's portfolio is due next Friday. After that gets turned in, I have a couple more classes; then about 2 weeks off; graduation; and two first-session summer classes. The end is nigh! And, honestly, after student teaching and portfolio-ing, those last two summer classes? No sweat.

7. It is FINALLY spring/summer. Sprummer! Oh, so this is heat. I love it... ooh, but don't touch it.
I love spring, dislike summer. But honestly, anything is better than this XXL winter.


Can you tell I've recently seen Frozen once or twice or several times and that Olaf is my favorite? (Yeah, why?!)
Disney Frozen - Yeah! Why?

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is What Happens When Grad School Happens

Since my last post on October 29, I have...

* Taught a lesson to my Civics kids, three times, all by myself. And, more importantly, I did not die.

* "Enjoyed" Thanksgiving break with my family, and by enjoy, I mean I did not enjoy it at all and was constantly doing work for the 3.5 days I was home.

* Hung out and took selfies with the new pup that my roommate brought home, Jax(ie).

 * Forced WB to do lots of Christmassy things with me. Notable: ice skating; saw the Nutcracker; driving around to look at Christmas lights; hot chocolate in PJs; s'mores; many many Christmas movies.

* Helped WB adopt a cat, Arya. And she's the best. (I now an co-owner of two animals, with no responsibility. Cuddles galore!)

* Went to the UNC Homecoming game vs. UVA. We won. Wahoo! (Just kidding. Go Heels.)

* Wrote 200+ pages of lesson plans for the "final project" (can you even call it a project? More like a process of death) for our Methods class.

* Freaked out a lot about this spring semester and student teaching

* Went to the high school a few times, trying to make it clear I'm not a student.

* Spent a few glorious days doing absolutely nothing but reading and watching television after the end of the hardest 4 months of my life

* Spent 10 days in Maryland with my family over Christmas

* Registered for a 10-miler on April 26. Hip who?

* Celebrated New Year's Eve in downtown Annapolis with my favorite guy, WB.

Now, I'm in school full time everyday. I start actually student teaching on the 27th, and will spend the next 10 weeks frantically trying to keep up with school, sleep, grading, and a life. (Ha! What life?!) Oh, and completing my hugely important masters portfolio. Which I guess is kind of super important, too. I am a mixture of nervous, excited, and dreading everything. The emotion that I feel the most rotates on a daily basis. Bring on the coffee!