Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is What Happens When Grad School Happens

Since my last post on October 29, I have...

* Taught a lesson to my Civics kids, three times, all by myself. And, more importantly, I did not die.

* "Enjoyed" Thanksgiving break with my family, and by enjoy, I mean I did not enjoy it at all and was constantly doing work for the 3.5 days I was home.

* Hung out and took selfies with the new pup that my roommate brought home, Jax(ie).

 * Forced WB to do lots of Christmassy things with me. Notable: ice skating; saw the Nutcracker; driving around to look at Christmas lights; hot chocolate in PJs; s'mores; many many Christmas movies.

* Helped WB adopt a cat, Arya. And she's the best. (I now an co-owner of two animals, with no responsibility. Cuddles galore!)

* Went to the UNC Homecoming game vs. UVA. We won. Wahoo! (Just kidding. Go Heels.)

* Wrote 200+ pages of lesson plans for the "final project" (can you even call it a project? More like a process of death) for our Methods class.

* Freaked out a lot about this spring semester and student teaching

* Went to the high school a few times, trying to make it clear I'm not a student.

* Spent a few glorious days doing absolutely nothing but reading and watching television after the end of the hardest 4 months of my life

* Spent 10 days in Maryland with my family over Christmas

* Registered for a 10-miler on April 26. Hip who?

* Celebrated New Year's Eve in downtown Annapolis with my favorite guy, WB.

Now, I'm in school full time everyday. I start actually student teaching on the 27th, and will spend the next 10 weeks frantically trying to keep up with school, sleep, grading, and a life. (Ha! What life?!) Oh, and completing my hugely important masters portfolio. Which I guess is kind of super important, too. I am a mixture of nervous, excited, and dreading everything. The emotion that I feel the most rotates on a daily basis. Bring on the coffee!

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