Thursday, September 26, 2013

Oh Ma Gah, Shoes

 Today, I made a fashion booboo. I was wearing a white oxford and pink decorated shorts to class, and decided to wear a pair of pretty pink flats to go with my outfit {seriously, they matched my shorts - and nail polish - dead on. And I don't even like the color pink.}. I very much have a love-hate relationship with flats {mostly hate}, because I can never seem to find the right size that will fit my feet without giving me blisters but also without slipping off. These shoes are no exception. But, I've worn this pair several times in the past, and as long as I put a band-aid over the future rubbing area, it's generally fine.

Not today.

After several hours of being on campus {but mostly sitting in class/in the study room!}, my feet looked like this:

I walked barefoot through campus to get to the student stores, so that I could briefly put on my shoes {ouch ouch ouch!!!} to buy some on-sale, $12, almost-too-small sandals for the rest of the evening.

I almost bought a beautiful grey quarter-zip fleece that I've been coveting for some time {and because I'm ever so slightly chilly now that the sun has gone down}, but since it was $45 I decided I had done enough physical and financial damage {stupidity, really} for one day.

The second I make it home, these shoes are going straight into the "give away" pile. Yowza!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

...And Don't Come Back!

Today, September 25, 2013, I was officially released from physical therapy! Woooop woooop! {Phrase said in the camel's voice from the Geico Hump Day commercial}.

People tend to think that when you get released from PT, you are totally, 100% well. Ahhh, alas. My pain is still frequent, uncomfortable, inconvenient, and at times frustrating and discouraging. However, today we focus on the positive news that is my progress. Let's say it again, woooop woooop!


I've actually been in physical therapy for ONE YEAR. Yep, you read that right, peoples. I started therapy in the beginning of October 2012. Things eventually led to surgery, which resulted in more PT. Four people who worked at the clinic when I first started going have moved on to other jobs - that's how long I've been going ;)

I know I'm often down & out about my hip {I'm working on it, I promise!}, but it really is truly remarkable to think back on where I was one year ago at this time {in constant, awful, stabbing pain!}, and where I am now. Ohhhhh yeahhhhh {Kool-Aid man voice.}


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grad School Update, Day 30

This afternoon, after attending a lecture {I actually went to an invited lecture. That wasn't required or talked about in class. Just something from a newsletter. What is happening to me?!} I was sitting in the graduate student lounge in the education building, which is a nice little room with some tables and couches and a microwave and refrigerator. Anyway, as I'm sitting there among several {scary} PhD students, I click on an icon on my phone and music starts playing even though my phone is on SILENT and no sound should be emitting from it and I wasn't even trying to play music. Despite my best efforts to close all the apps on my phone, of course my fingers got all jumbled and it took me a solid 30 seconds to turn off the music, while I whine "sorrryyyy!!!" and try to ignore the PhD students giving me death stares/embarrassed-for-me laughs.

Who's that person who always makes things awkward?

Guilty as charged.

Ah, school.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Day of School!

Today was my first day in school!

This fall, we are spending one day per week observing in the classrooms of our mentor teachers, for whom we will be student teaching in the spring. After just one day of observation, I can say that this method of doing things is a fantastic idea. There are so many things NOT related to teaching that you have to master in a school that it is wonderful to be able to get to know how to use the copier, where to send naughty students, where to make coffee, etc., before you're personally responsible for the learning and well-being of 100-some odd children. And, of course, it's a bonus to be able to get to know the students throughout the year before you take over. Of course, when student teaching comes around and I'm teaching 3 US History courses of varying levels and 2 Honors Civics classes, this will still be me {with slightly less flair}:

I'm in a cool, unique situation and have two mentor teachers {one is currently out on maternity leave}, so I'm not going to be teaching all of the kids I saw today, but Teach B is great. Students like her, she has experience, more flexible/easy-going about some things, more strict on others, super friendly, loves her students.

Also of note today:
- I got several keys, a lanyard, parking spot & permit, and key FOB today; and will have an ID, loaner computer, and school e-mail address next week. I'm important.
- Two 10th grade boys asked me to follow them on Instagram.
- I managed to wear my heels all the way through lunch {mostly sitting down all of this time} before I had to change to my flats.
- I had the forethought to bring flats.
- I now have the teacher's version of the Civics textbook, and it is gigantic. And it has all the answers. I am queen of the world.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Grad School Update, Day 25

This morning I woke up with a 100.5 degree fever. That's not that high, mom says. Forced to attend class from 9am-12pm, because if we miss more than one class, we fail. Get home after shivering through 3 hours of class to find that my fever has gone down a little, but I feel worse, and look like I haven't slept in a week.

What I should be doing this afternoon: reading up on privilege in education and the direct instruction technique.

What I will actually be doing: hoarding apple juice, apple sauce, and popcorn in my bed, watching CSI: Miami, Doctor Who, The Wire, or Sherlock.

Hey. You can't be a good student all the time.

**Author's Update**
This 100.5 degree fever that my mom wasn't worried about turned into a 102.9-degree fever that EVERYBODY was worried about. It lasted for one of the most miserable weekends of my life {behind the post-surgery weekend and the weekend I spent in the ER with abdominal pain}, but I have fully recovered.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Grad School Update, Day 21

On Monday, as I was walking to the bus stop to get to class, I somehow managed to get a piece of glass stuck between my sandal and my foot. I started to limp and was in serious pain and was bleeding all over my shoe, but I couldn't stop or turn around and go home because I needed to catch that particular bus to be able to make it to class.

Once I got to the bus stop I was finally able to get the glass out, and my friend in class had a bandaid for me because, mom.

So as you can see, things are going quite well in grad school land!