Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Grad School Update, Day 30

This afternoon, after attending a lecture {I actually went to an invited lecture. That wasn't required or talked about in class. Just something from a newsletter. What is happening to me?!} I was sitting in the graduate student lounge in the education building, which is a nice little room with some tables and couches and a microwave and refrigerator. Anyway, as I'm sitting there among several {scary} PhD students, I click on an icon on my phone and music starts playing even though my phone is on SILENT and no sound should be emitting from it and I wasn't even trying to play music. Despite my best efforts to close all the apps on my phone, of course my fingers got all jumbled and it took me a solid 30 seconds to turn off the music, while I whine "sorrryyyy!!!" and try to ignore the PhD students giving me death stares/embarrassed-for-me laughs.

Who's that person who always makes things awkward?

Guilty as charged.

Ah, school.

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