Tuesday, September 17, 2013

First Day of School!

Today was my first day in school!

This fall, we are spending one day per week observing in the classrooms of our mentor teachers, for whom we will be student teaching in the spring. After just one day of observation, I can say that this method of doing things is a fantastic idea. There are so many things NOT related to teaching that you have to master in a school that it is wonderful to be able to get to know how to use the copier, where to send naughty students, where to make coffee, etc., before you're personally responsible for the learning and well-being of 100-some odd children. And, of course, it's a bonus to be able to get to know the students throughout the year before you take over. Of course, when student teaching comes around and I'm teaching 3 US History courses of varying levels and 2 Honors Civics classes, this will still be me {with slightly less flair}:

I'm in a cool, unique situation and have two mentor teachers {one is currently out on maternity leave}, so I'm not going to be teaching all of the kids I saw today, but Teach B is great. Students like her, she has experience, more flexible/easy-going about some things, more strict on others, super friendly, loves her students.

Also of note today:
- I got several keys, a lanyard, parking spot & permit, and key FOB today; and will have an ID, loaner computer, and school e-mail address next week. I'm important.
- Two 10th grade boys asked me to follow them on Instagram.
- I managed to wear my heels all the way through lunch {mostly sitting down all of this time} before I had to change to my flats.
- I had the forethought to bring flats.
- I now have the teacher's version of the Civics textbook, and it is gigantic. And it has all the answers. I am queen of the world.

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