Friday, April 5, 2013

A New Blog Is Born

Hey, y'all! My name is C and I am twenty-something southern lady from Maryland who's made a home in North Carolina. I use the word "y'all," and this is my blog.

Why is the address In Roy We Trust? Well, because, in Roy we trust. Proof (from many years ago):

Why am I starting a blog? Great question. I have always been terrible at keeping a journal - even when I studied abroad - and sometimes technology eludes me (I don't have a smartphone and struggle to understand how to work any sort of Apple product. I like to pretend this is endearing rather than shameful.). The short answer is because I just had hip surgery and my life has turned into a lot of laying on the couch. Since I just finished watching all three seasons of Downton Abbey and life has suddenly turned dull and empty without Lady Mary and Anna Bates, I need a fresh outlet of diversion while I recover. And, hopefully, to continue down the road when I return to graduate school this fall and embark on a path of becoming a high school social studies teacher. In theory, this will be a blog about running, teaching, graduate school, post-surgery recovery, and life in the South.

But, let's be honest, in practice, the only real reason I started a blog is so I could have a place to post all of my favorite photos, memes, gifs, links, and funny e-cards about baby animals, Harry Potter, and Disney.

A tasting:

And, finally, the truth we've all been avoiding:

(Coincidentally, this is all actually true. Especially the parallel parking part. In Maryland, you have to successfully parallel park to get your driver's license. In North Carolina, you do not.)

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