Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Month

Today officially marks four weeks post-surgery! To be honest, I had hoped that I would be much farther along by now. I think it is a combination of the things that my surgeon originally told me along with my total frustration from being sidelined so long when I am an extremely active person. I haven't exercised hard/MY way since October, and before that I haven't exercised without pain since August. So, by this point, I'm pretty frustrated and can also see the weight I'm gaining, which isn't something I'm overly worried about, but it's never fun (and summer is coming...).

I have tried my hardest to remain positive and optimistic over the past four weeks, but it's been very difficult. I'd thought the first several days post-op would be the hardest, but my mom was around and we expected me to feel bad - I'd just had surgery, after all. By now, though, I'm going stir-crazy and I can't do any of the things that make me the happiest, and I generally feel pretty lonely & isolated because of all of this. My goal for the next four weeks is going to be to stay as positive as possible, which hopefully should get easier as we move forward and I {finally, one day} transition completely off the crutches. We'll see.

*Edit: as my mom pointed out, it's important to try to remember how far I've come. It doesn't seem like much from my perspective, but when my mom left after the first week, I was still on two crutches, couldn't do anything for myself, and was only just recovering from several days' worth of nausea. I felt pretty terrible and was generally quite miserable. Despite my frustrations, I still am improving everyday.

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