Tuesday, April 16, 2013


It is with a heavy heart I address what happened yesterday at the finish line of the Boston marathon. My heart aches for the city and for everyone who was there running, spectating, or volunteering. The finish line of any race, but especially a marathon, should be a place of joy, celebration, and pride. People trained so hard for this, and it is such an accomplishment just to finish!

In our reality of 24/7 news it has seemed lately that the world is getting darker and darker. I was so pleased to see on social media yesterday the focus that most people were placing on the small acts of heroism: the first responders, the people who ran towards the explosion to help rather than away from it, the runners who crossed the finish line and didn't stop but continued to run straight to the hospital to donate the blood they knew would be needed, the people who freely opened their homes to anyone who needed a place to stay. The list goes on. Thank you to everyone who restores hope.

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone affected. Hug your pets and call your family.

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