Sunday, April 7, 2013

Weekend With Crutches: A Snapshot

When you have crutches, things are hard. You can't carry things or really do anything for yourself. I am a largely independent person, so you can imagine how difficult this is for me - it is especially hard for me to ask for help. I have, however, mastered moving my right crutch with my armpit (which I am sure is quite bad for me, because I've been told that a lot of important veins and things go through the armpit, which is why you're not supposed to lean on crutches with your armpits. But I digress.) so that I can carry a plate or cup or something with my right hand. It is very impressive, thank you.

I get tired very easily from crutching around (it's exhausting!) so this first functional weekend post-surgery has not been anything to write home about. Much of my group of close friends still live in Chapel Hill, for graduate school and job reasons, and several people came to my apartment Friday night to watch a movie with me so that I didn't have to move. It was very kind. As a side note, we watched Zero Dark Thirty, which is immensely suspenseful and thrilling (even though you know how it ends), and very well made, and everyone should see it. Also I've never seen Jessica Chastain in really anything except The Help where she played a hoity toity southern lady, so this role as CIA agent who's dedicated 10+ years of her life to finding UBL is just about as different as it gets.

A fierce and sassy Jessica. {source}
Saturday I stayed in my pajamas most of the day (lack of motivation due to previously-mentioned 7am hammering), went on an excursion to Old Navy and Target, and went to Chapel Hill to watch the Final Four basketball games. I moved around so much! And nobody at Target offered to get me one of those automated wheelchair thingies so I had to crutch my way around to the umbrellas and coloring books. I was so exhausted! The good news is that driving becomes less uncomfortable each time I do it (sitting upright in that position really irritates/hurts my hip), which means I am getting better every day. Getting into the car is challenging but now I can do it fairly easily. Hooray! It's the little things.

This morning I went to church, and the good southern congregation was appreciatively impressed that I was at church on crutches. I got a lot of "God bless you"'s from strangers, so I feel sufficiently blessed & prepared for the week. Hallelujah. This afternoon will be spent tidying my four vases of flowers, two buckets of candy, and five bottles of wine that I've accumulated during my convalescence (thank you, friends). And I can finally watch the new episode of Doctor Who that aired last night. Praise.

Matt Smith (Doctor) and Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara) on a motorbike.
Love. {source}  

Happy Sunday, y'all! It looks like spring is finally here!

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  1. As I have an exam on the "things running through your armpit" on thursday, please do not lean on your crutches. I have seen what is in there on a cadaver and damage to that area = bad, in laymans terms. Love love from MD.