Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Goodbye, Sutures!

This morning I had my two-week surgery follow-up appointment, where I spoke with my surgeon about my recovery and also got my sutures taken out. This is very exciting, for several reasons:

1. My incisions look good! Always a relief.

2. I can start transitioning in the next few days to walking with only one crutch. The best part about that is that I will be able to actually carry things once in a while, and maybe even go grocery shopping without needing an assistant (but let's not get crazy).
Additionally, with one crutch, I will be in less danger of falling down the stairs or tripping over the dog. Both big pluses in my book.

3. Most exciting: I can finally shower without saran-wrapping my leg (the sutures couldn't get wet). Until you actually have to do this, you have no idea how annoying this is. And I can finally work on scrubbing off the rest of the orange stuff that has covered my leg for the past two weeks.

Want to see some mildly gross pictures of the inside of my hip? This is my surgeon repairing the tears in my labrum. I think the Carolina blue stitches add a nice touch (I'm sure the surgeon really planned that out). Carolina girl inside and out!!

My surgeon reiterated that my hip looked pretty terrible inside, and much worse than it should look for a person my age. There were all sorts of abnormal growth, spurs, and soft cartilage (where it should be hard like a wall). Luckily he fixed it all up and made everything smooth and groovy. I should never have any problems with this hip again. Hooray! He said about 50% of his patients end up coming back to see him about their other hip, but it's not something that we need to worry about until (if!) it starts hurting me. 

One happy note: he said my running prognosis is good. I may not be able to run a full marathon (I didn't want to push my luck this morning to ask), but should be able to get back to more intensive running. I'm planning on asking my therapist tomorrow what his thoughts are. This makes me the happiest of all.

As a hump day treat, here is a picture of a panda dog, via Cute Emergency (@CuteEmergency):

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