Friday, April 12, 2013

Five Thumbs Up Friday

Happy Friday! I feel like this week has been dragging on and on (on Tuesday I could've sworn it was Friday), so I'm really glad it's finally {almost} the weekend. I have a couple of exciting things on my agenda the next few days, so it should be a good one!

I've decided every Friday I'll recap five highs from my week. With all of my hip issues, I've realized how important it is to keep things in perspective. I will get well eventually, and in the meantime, I need to focus on some smaller victories. If I can look back at my week and see more highs than lows, that's a good thing!

Thumbs Up: I made some excellent chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast today.

Thumbs Up: The little girls' soccer team that I help coach won our make-up game on Wednesday. The girls actually listened to us and were generally in the right spots. Also got a cool coach's shirt!

Thumbs Up: Free Cone Day!

Thumbs Up: On Tuesday night, I had dinner with my aunt, her parents, her brother + his girlfriend, and her sister. They are not family by blood, but it felt like family. It was needed and appreciated. [Also some great cookies]

Thumbs Up: Saturday night is the World Beer Festival in downtown Raleigh. I did not consider the fact I would be on crutches before I bought my ticket, but that is a bridge I will cross when I get to it. It will probably be a challenging and frustrating evening, but I'm hoping it will also be really fun!


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