Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Diamond Heels Love Affair

As you may know, I am a huge baseball fan. My brother played baseball for over 10 years, and when I was little I had no choice but to tag along to all of the games, road trips, and tournaments. In high school, I was a manager/scorekeeper {yes, I know how to keep a score book!} for the varsity baseball team for 2 years. I guess you could say I was hooked?

The NCAA Division I baseball playoffs began this weekend. UNC - because we are awesome - truly - was awarded the #1 overall seed in the entire tournament {hello cool!}, which means that we hosted a double elimination Regional tournament made up of 4 teams. If we win the Regional tournament, we go on to host a Super Regional, which is a best of three series against one team.

My friend NC and I bought tickets to the UNC game on Friday night, as well as to the "final" {potentially} on Sunday evening. So on Friday after camp, I spent a glorious evening at the Bosh watching the Heels take down the Canisius Golden Griffins {yes}.

Carolina victory!
Luckily, things went as planned - UNC won its second game - so it played in the Sunday evening game versus Florida Atlantic. Another beautiful day!

 Unfortunately, things didn't go quite as well for the Heels on Sunday night - we ended up losing to FAU, aided by our 15 men left on base during the game. Luckily the tournament was double elimination and that was our first loss so the two teams played again last night...

...and the Heels were victorious!!! After 13 long innings, which ended around 1:15am and included a grand slam and a 3 run homer, we won 12-11 on a walk-off single; one of many recaps here. Coincidentally, the pitcher for FAU was the brother of a family baseball friend's girlfriend from MD. Confusing explanation, but a small world!

The beautiful news is that we now go on to host the Super Regional this Fri-Sat-Sun {if needed} against South Carolina - a traditionally formidable baseball school. I have commitments most of the weekend, but am hoping to get a ticket from a friend for the Friday afternoon game.

Go Heels, Go America. It's a #gdtbath


Questions of the day:
What are your feelings about baseball?
If you have graduated, do you still go to sporting events at your alma mater?

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