Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Spicy Goodbye

The day of JM's departure for Seattle for the rest of the summer finally arrived. It was full of sadness and despair, for she is one of my closest friends, and one of only a couple of girlfriends in Raleigh. The Thursday before she flew out of town, I joined her and some of her friends from law school for a last hurrah celebration at Natty Greene's. Natty Greene's is a brewery and restaurant in Greensboro, NC, with one restaurant in Raleigh. And the beer is great. {So much North Carolina beer is great! What a great state.}

We got to NG's around 9pm and enjoyed $2 pints for several hours. Of course, I got hungry, and the only thing I could think of possibly eating was nachos. This is so bizarre, because I'm not a huge cheese person {i.e. I don't really like cheese except in certain situations}, and I have never before in my life ordered nachos.  But, restaurants in the Triangle tend to make pretty bangin' nachos, so to nachos I went. {Told you I was in a weird nachos phase!}

And let me tell you. These things were SPICY. There are itty bitty jalepenos all over the place in there, and my mouth was on fire, but I managed not to ask the waitress for milk {that has happened to me before by the way. It's not embarrassing at all}

JM's friend AB; JM; me
 I forced JM to take a bunch of pictures before she left the state. She's making me so sad! I will {and already do!} miss her greatly. She and her boyfriend are planning on moving back to Seattle once they are both finished with law school {JM's boyfriend is from Seattle}, so JM wanted to get out there and network this summer. Smart for her, sad for me, and depressing for her mama!

This girl makes me laugh an awful lot.

JM and her friend MH
JM stopped by my apartment complex on her way to the airport to give me a big fat hug and to take a jello shot {for my roommate's birthday}. And off she went! And now I'm craving nachos.

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