Monday, June 24, 2013

American Saturday Night

Immediately following DC's birthday celebration, I headed out to see Brad Paisley in concert with a few of my friends. The ticket was a bit of a last-minute purchase {I couldn't decide how appropriate it would be to go to a concert the same night as DC's birthday}, but I really wanted to go so eventually I decided that it would be fine. {Side note: it was fine. By the time I got back from the concert, DC was over at her boyfriend's anyway, because everyone else had gone home. Win-win!} {Another side note: DC and JB got engaged this weekend! A big congratulations to my roomie and her brand-spankin'-new fiance!}

A summertime country concert is one of my absolute favorite things - especially in the south. There's just something about the weather, the atmosphere, the venue, the friends, the cornhole - just everything! - that makes it so memorable and perfect, no matter what. Side note: "Paisley" is the perfect southern name. Anyway, I digress.

And, Brad did not disappoint. He was awesome in concert. I was pleasantly surprised by this - I really love him as a singer, but for some reason he never struck me as a big performer. But he sounded wonderful and I knew every word to every song he played, so I was a happy camper.

our group!
I will be honest and say that tailgating is probably not something that needed to happen after the day we'd already had at DC's birthday pool party. And that's all the explanation I will give about that.

my friend NC
The Brad Man wore his signature white cowboy hat, which made me so happy because I was finally able to wear my brand new Stetson {which is kind of white, which kind of made me feel like hat twinzz with BP}! My brother bought me this Stetson for my birthday last year, and I absolutely adore it, but I don't have many opportunities to wear it {go figure}. So bring on the summer outdoor southern country concert! Boy, that was a mouthful.

We were obviously super far from the stage, but it didn't matter at all. Though, we were a bit too far from the stage for me to not freak out when Carrie Underwood appeared to duet with Brad while they sang "Remind Me." It wasn't until two days later, when I was still hyperventilating about Carrie Underwood being at the concert, that I did more research and concluded that it was a hologram. Alas, Brad. You duped me!

But I don't mind. The concert was fantastic, and it was a wonderful way to end a wonderful day full of wonderful friends. Brad is actually playing in Virginia at the outdoor concert venue the next time that I'll be in Maryland, and I am sorely tempted to go see him again. I guess I should save my money for more important things, like graduate school and paying my rent, but, Brad.....

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