Monday, June 3, 2013

Best of May

I'm baaaack!

Long time no see, friends. Happy June! Side note: can you BELIEVE it's already June?! Seriously. Individually the days (see: hip progress) seem to be going so slowly, but then as a whole the weeks and months are just whizzing right on by. This week is 10 weeks post-surgery for me. Wowee!

What's been going on this month? I've done some pretty sweet activities with some pretty sweet friends. Like...

A couple of excellent outings to see the Durham Bulls
Visit to Carolina Tiger Rescue with JM
Zoofari & time with both best friends while in Maryland
Fantastic week at camp last week at Extraordinary Ventures {recap to come!}
End-of-season party for our little soccer mon-STARS
And several wonderful weekends with friends in Chapel Hill!

Speaking of Chapel Hill, this weekend my friends got me a key made for their house. Finally! For the past two years I've had near-exclusive use of their spare key, and it was really about time for this to happen. What a big step in our relationship. :)

In other news, my new roommate AK and I finally decided {& put money down!} on a place for next year. It's not perfect and doesn't have everything we wanted, but at this point we had to be willing to compromise. It's been a very long process, so I'm incredibly excited for the search to be done.

I have several recap posts to throw at ya that I promise will be more exciting than this one. Claps for summer!


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