Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Only One Worthwhile

Good morning! Some teacher-y news this morning. A new report rates hundreds of teacher education programs throughout the US, and fewer than 10% of schools were given a favorable grade. To quote the article, "The review gave only four programs in the United States its highest ranking of four stars. Only 20 elementary programs and 84 secondary programs made the report's 'honor roll' of at least three stars." 

Guess who came in with 3.5 stars {out of four} as the only education program worth attending in North Carolina? You guessed it. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's secondary education graduate program.

I knew I made the right decision. Love my school.

Full story here.
In other news, I'm actually headed back up to Maryland in a few hours {seriously, I should be paid for advertising I-95 & I-85 or something with the amount I'm driving on those roads} for a week for more dogsitting. Not of the big fluffy variety this time, but little miniature white pipsqueak dogs. But they snuggle, and they love me, so it's okay. I'm waiting to leave so I can hear the verdict from the SCOTUS and I hope it's a productive, useful, forward-moving verdict. Ain't no one got time for goin' backwards, ya hear?

Catch ya tomorrow from Maryland - hopefully from a freer, more equal, world. :)

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