Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend in a Nutshell

Good morning, friends! Happy Monday! I'm dragging a bit this morning, and I'm pretty sure it's because it's 1. well, Monday, and 2. I had a busy go-go-go weekend and didn't have all that much time to relax by myself.

I got things started Friday afternoon when I drove to Chapel Hill to talk to the people at the campus computer store... and 30 minutes later I bought a MacBook! I have desperately needed a new laptop for about a year now, but we waited until Windows 8 came out so that we could compare systems. My dad and I have spent the past few months researching and weighing the pros and cons of a Lenovo and a Mac {the two types offered through UNC's computer program}, and finally decided on a Mac. This is a huge step for me, since I have had a PC for the past 6 years, and am seriously technologically challenged. It should work very nicely for my new scholastic endeavor, and I am very excited!

Friday night I once again volunteered at Extraordinary Ventures for one of their Friday Night Live! nights. It was very different than camp, but quite fun. I'll be out of town for the next several Friday night activities, but hope to get back there again this summer.

Saturday morning, I went to the outlets in Mebane. The 3rd-year PT student who's working with my therapist told me that the J. Crew factory outlet was having a 50% off sale this weekend {off everything!} so I went to check out some business casual pants. Of course, I left the outlets two hours later with a dress from Ann Taylor LOFT and two pairs of running shorts from the Nike outlet. You can take the hip surgery girl out of running, but I guess you just can't take the running out of the girl.

Saturday afternoon, I went back to Chapel Hill for an exciting adventure with my friends: putt putt! We really love miniature golf. We went to Wheels Fun Park in Durham, and while the course left a lot to be desired, it was a very fun {and different} way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

I am proud to say that I finished second {out of five}, behind BS. So, we beat all the boys! And both of us had a hole-in-one. It was satisfying.

AS, BS, me, PJA
After we rested {seriously. We're old.} we worked up the energy to get to dinner at Tyler's Taproom, which I've been to several times in both Raleigh and Durham, but have never been to in Carrboro. I've been on a serious nachos kick lately {more on that to come}, so I begged the guys to let me order some nachos. The gentlemen that they are, they acquiesced. 

And then, a very funny thing happened. I ate so many nachos that when my food came {the buffalo chicken sandwich, which is one of my two favorite sandwiches in the entire world}, I could only eat 4 bites before I was just full-to-bursting. So, shame-faced, I brought my entire dinner {plus a couple of nachos!} home and ate it for Sunday lunch after church. It would have been better fresh, but it was still fantastic after a few minutes in the oven.

Sunday involved church, watching the UNC baseball game {we lost; I don't want to talk about it}, a trip to Maple View Farm for some homemade ice cream {yum!!}, and a movie viewing. An extra bonus for the weekend? I'd put out a call for high school history notes - of any variety - since I foolishly gave mine away. My friend PJA answered spectacularly when he presented me with a gigantic binder of notes, quizzes, and other assessments from his sister. I am so excited to go through them and use them to study up on my history. {Nerd alert!}

Since I'm moving slowly this morning, I decided to make life happier by baking a loaf of banana bread {family recipe}. I can smell it in the oven, and I think it's almost done. Hallelujah! 

I have a busy week this week: photography class tonight, therapy and a Durham Bulls game tomorrow, 12-week surgery appointment & off to the beach on Wednesday, best friend SRK and Zac Brown Band on Friday. I love summer! 

And a belated Happy Father's Day to all the daddies out there - especially mine! I know everyone SAYS that they have the best dad, but they're all sadly mistaken. Because I really do! :)

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  1. a. I CANT WAIT
    b. give me those orange shorts. now.
    c. seriously. orange is my fave color and I'm sorry if they somehow are missing after I leave this weekend.....