Monday, May 20, 2013

Maryland + Baseball

Happy Monday, folks! I'm coming at you from Maryland this morning {hooray!}. I'm up here dogsitting for the week, and whenever I come home to visit, even when I'm working, it kind of feels like I'm on vacation. So the blog may be a little bit lonely this week; if it is, I apologize in advance. More than likely, it will consist mainly of photographs of dogs. But I know that's why you read it in the first place.

I managed to have a very full, delightful, and busy weekend before I made the drive to Maryland, beginning with a Friday afternoon apartment showing in Chapel Hill. AK is out of the country so she wasn't able to go with me, but the apartment was lovely. The complex seems well-maintained with fairly new amenities. My only concerns are that trash/water/sewer is not included in the rent price, it's more expensive than the area is probably worth, and it might be a little too far from campus for me. TBD.

Post-appointment I was headed to the UNC baseball game, but I had about 1.5 hours to kill, so I headed over to the boys' house. They are all in Cabo, and the spare key wasn't where it's supposed to be, so I couldn't get inside - so instead I sat on their front porch, drank a Corona, and caught up on some e-mails.

 There was a very high chance of storms, but the weather ended up being absolutely perfect for Friday evening baseball. UNC ended up winning the game, and with that win they officially topped the ACC standings. Go Heels! The ACC tournament is this weekend at the Durham Bulls stadium, but I unfortunately won't get to go to any of the games since I'm in MD.

Colin Moran, junior, 3B. I want to be his best friend.
 After the game, I walked back to my car through our beautiful campus so I could enjoy some evening views of my favorite place on  Earth. Worth it:

Bell Tower
On Saturday night I met some family friends at the Durham Bulls game for a second helping of baseball. My mom's goddaughter goes to school in Durham, and we've been trying to set up a time to get together ever since I got off my crutches. Her family happened to be in town this weekend, and they offered me an extra ticket to the baseball game, so there we were. The Bulls actually played the Norfolk Tides, which is an AAA affiliate of our very own Baltimore Orioles, which was a very cool coincidence.

 The Bulls won in only 7 innings. Right after the 7th inning ended, all of a sudden it started POURING. I mean this was a legitimate soaking rain. We ran to cover and tried to wait it out for a while; eventually, we gave up and made a {long} dash to the cars.

The whole family {minus 1!}
The D family used to live in Maryland and attend our church, but many years ago moved to NC. We don't get to see them much - especially with all 6 kids together! - so it was so wonderful to see them {minus 1 who is studying abroad}. There are a few teachers in the family, and I always enjoy picking the brains of new teachers, so that was an added bonus.

More weekend recap tomorrow. See you then!

Question of the Day:
Baseball - yay or nay?

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