Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Frustrated GIF

I am having the hardest time finding housing for next year in Chapel Hill. I have been looking for two months and have zero leads and zero interests. I feel like it should be pretty easy, since I lived there for 4 years and know the area well.

Unfortunately, I've now struck out on 5 different places. Long story short, I had a showing scheduled today for 3pm; at 2:30, I get a call from the realtor that he has a deposit on the way. We made this appointment on Friday, so obviously there was plenty of time for us to go see the unit and had we known he had other interest, we would have gone earlier. Luckily I was already in Chapel Hill, or I would have been halfway to town and had to stop and turnaround and go home once I found out. AK is also leaving North Carolina for the entire summer in just a couple of hours, so this was the first and only showing that she was going to be a part of. And we are supposed to be moving August 1, so we're getting a little bit down to the wire in a town that's run by university schedules. I just feel like with all of the crap that has happened in the past year, I would appreciate just one thing - ONE thing - being easy. Or working out. Or just being something that doesn't make my life so much harder than it already is.


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