Thursday, May 16, 2013

Owl City Loves Oreos

A new commercial just aired for Oreos, with a cutesy jingle sung by Adam Young, the man behind Owl City.

Let's talk about this.

First of all: Oreos rock. I go through phases of whether I like eating them or not {I'm weird}, but they cannot be beat. Even the mint ones. But you better go double-stuf or go home.

Second: This commercial is adorable. The animation is precious and the jingle is catchy and memorable.
Watch here and be tickled:

Oh, you want the lyrics? Well, I found them for you. You're welcome.

Wonder if I... gave an Oreo to the big bad wolf; how would the story go?
Would he still go huff and puff?
Or would he bring those pigs cool stuff
To decorate the deck he helped them build?
Would they not get killed?
Wonder if I... gave an Oreo to a vampire in a creep show;
Would he not act so undead?
Would he thirst for milk instead?
I just got this feeling that it might work out alright
Cause creme does wondrous things inside a chocolate sandwich dream.
If I gave 'em to great white sharks, would they share 'em with baby seals?
Would they call up a giant squid for a friendly meal?
Wonder if I gave an Oreo
Wonder if I gave an Oreo
What if I gave an Oreo... to you

Go now and spread Oreo wondrousness around the world. Happy day.

Question of the Day:
Oreos: twist-and-lick or all-at-once?

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